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How to refund money to customer in QuickBooks

Max 100 invoices regarding your paid and recorded but say we messed up and we need to refund the customer a cheque that we've Artie deposited in your business banking account.

How to refund customer? ●Here's I would from the top right. ●Click on this + right appear to create the sales receipts refund recedes. ●Start out by us selecting which customer got three customers in here buckshot Roberts Freddy Krueger John struggle in, click on anyone. ●Make sure you have their email set up. ●How do we want to refund them only, check from our business banking account and what are we can refund them on going to refund them our bronze baggage. ●We screwed up so hard on her full carwash with two layers lacks coding that we need to pay them back. ●We need to refund them in full. So $30 right of each year. Maybe you want to do discount you don't want to refund them. The whole thing. ●That's where you play around right here but we do and will renew his were just gonna save this an…